Compiling a list of resources and preaparing a plan for iOS app development

I tried web design, blogging, WordPress theme development, played with adsesne and lot of other stuff, every time half way through what I was doing I found some blog posts saying “Things you should know before doing  xxxxxx”, “common mistakes done by firs timers doing xxxx” . I always wished I found those posts before i did the mistakes said in those posts or before starting what I was doing.

This time I don’t want to say that to myself again. So, before I jump into the development, I’m gonna have a plan for how I’m gonna do it and do some research before I start doing anything.

Today I spent some time compiling a list of resources to get started with, undoubtedly Apple iOS DEV center seems to be the best place to get started, here are few other useful links

Getting Started


After going through the above resources, One thing common in all of them is “Learn Objective C”. I’m onto it, will keep you posted on how it goes.

Mission 1812241

The last five days have been pretty boring for me, been sleeping all day. No major accomplishments and work done. And, today is a very bad one for me, saw her online. I know what she did and I know she doesn’t deserve it,but still the site and thought of her disturbs me. I don’t know what this feeling is, but i want to get over it.

This mission is an attempt to get over her, the main objectives of this mission are

  • To develop an iOS application
  • Prepare for NID entrance.
  • Redesign of member profile pages on TechBU
  • Improve my vocabulary.

Deadline for this misison is April 3rd, that is 105 days from now. I will keep you posted on the progress and the resources i stumble across during this mission.