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How to enable auto complete for git commands and branches on Mac OSX terminal / Command line

If you want to enable tab auto complete at the command line on Mac OSX terminal, there is a handy auto-completion script you can use. Using git-completion script to enable auto complete for GIT commands Download and save the git-completion script to your home directory curl -o ~/.git-completion.bash Then open the .bash_profile file

React native : Application AwesomeProject has not been registered

If you get the following error when starting with your react native app Application AwesomeProject has not been registered. This is either due to a require() error during initialization or failure to call AppRegistry.registerComponent. You probably are following the react native tutorial here. When you past the code from the hello world example here your registered

error: command ‘cc’ failed with exit status 1; Can’t install PIL, Pillow, MySql and other packages in Mavericks.

If you are getting the following error when installing python packages using PIP or easy_install, don’t worry. You have come to the right place for solution. First make sure you have developer tools installed. You can install them by executing the following command in terminal xcode-select –install The clang errors are due to changes introduced in