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    1. Hi Satish,

      Would you know how to deploy Meteor/Telescope (DigitalOcean + Or how to scrape a website from meteor’s hosting for deployment through those channels?

    2. Hello!

      This is Sarah from, we are interested to add your free theme ”Swift” to our platform. We have always been big fans of WordPress and our vision is to make it as easy as possible for users to start up a WordPress site.

      The Jumpstarter platform is based on a unique technology that allow users to set up a WordPress site with just one click. We automatically set up a new Jumpstarter container for each user with everything installed in less than a second. There is no need to download zip files and find hosting.

      So we would like to add your free theme to our platform, the only thing that the users have to pay for is the hosting which is $7 per month. We can of course make a deal where you get a part of the hosting profit if you promote us as a one click solution for your free theme. So can we add your free theme to our platform?


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