Trying cakePHP, lets see how it goes.

My growing list of direct AD sales was becoming hard to manage, dealing with direct AD sales was taking more time than it should actually take. It’s not streamlined. I lost AD revenue several times because I was too lazy to mail the advertisers about the renewal of their adspace.

I always wanted to automate the AD sales process, but I was busy with something or the other. Now that I got some free time to explore new stuff, I decided to take up this project.

Goals of the project

  • Maintain a list of advertisers and the AD space they bought.
  • Automatically send reminders to advertisers about renewals.
  • If they fail to renew, notify me, so that I can take down the AD.
  • A web interface where I can add details about the newly bought ads to the DB and make changes to previously bought ADS.
  • *Update the DB automatically when a payment is made through PayPal.
  • *Setup a AD server, which will let me control AD’s on all the sites without from a single location.

I’m going to implement this project using cakePHP, I hope cakePHP is the right choice.


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